Experts in Facebook Ads
& Digital Marketing

We help companies increase their revenue through solid Facebook ads & digital marketing strategies.​

Sabrina Leroux, Festival Juste Pour Rire

Creative, professional and attentive team that you can fully trust. Very high quality work. SHIFT knows how to adapt for small and large projects, I highly recommend them!

Sabrina Leroux
PPC Client, General Manager at Juste pour rire
Garrett Pump Up

We got our first profitable month with SHIFT, and we’re really excited about that.

Garrett Gotlieb
PPC Client, Founder & CEO at PumpUp

Experts in PPC & CRO

Using ultra-precise targeting, we’re able to show relevant and personalized ads to your audience. 

Each customer is embarked on an advertising journey.
This prevents them from being saturated with your ads while maximizing conversions and increasing your brand image.

We work with Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, Youtube ads and LinkedIn ads to create the best user experience.

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Solid Inbound Strategies

We make sure your customer doesn’t forget about you in the most positive way with strong SEO, content, chatbots, email marketing & social media strategies.

Your customers can relate to every piece of content created, allowing your brand to grow organically and stay relevant in the long term.

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Hubspot Growth Driven Design Certification
Google Analytics Certification
Hubspot Social Media Certification
Google Search Certification
Youtube Asset Monetization Certification
Google Digital Sales Certification

Their availability, joie de vivre and eagerness to improve upon their work sets them apart.

Isabelle Desmarais
PPC Client, General Manager at Zoofest & OFF-JFL

We were incredibly pleased with their reactivity, professionalism, determination and involvement. Very impressive for such a young company.

NXI Gestatio Design Lab
Inbound Marketing Client, NXI Gestatio

They trust us to get results

What's in the proposal?

Deep-dive research

Keywords, PPC research, performance, traffic and more...

Custom growth plan

Inbound marketing, design plans, A/B tests, CRO ideas...

Your custom pricing

Our fee in relation to your ad spend and your ROI.

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