5 Reasons You Should Choose SH1FT As Your Marketing Agency

Because a little shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone...

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Choosing the right marketing agency for your company can be a lengthy and difficult process. You’re not exactly short of options and any average agency will offer good results. But SH1FT isn’t your average marketing agency.

With proven experience in more than 11 industries, here’s why we’re the perfect fit for your business…

1. We’re rule breakers

Competition and business go hand in hand. No matter your industry, there’s always going to be someone else out there doing the same thing. In order to stand out from the crowd you need to be different, and that’s where we can help.

When SH1FT launched back in 2017 we threw out the advertising rule book and haven’t looked back since. We specialize in innovative digital advertising campaigns that get noticed, and it’s working. Just take a look at our work for Star Laser, an aesthetic clinic in Montreal.

In just 1 month we turned around a poorly performing Facebook Ad campaign, said goodbye to generic copy and injected some personality. The result? Custom creative combined with our mix of conversion, reach and Messenger ads saw online store sessions more than double. As a result, sales increased by $13,484. For Star Laser, an expensive service operating in a premium market, you can’t ask for results better than that!

2. We work with you, not for you

At SH1FT we recognize that nobody knows your business better than you. That’s why when you choose us, we don’t just work for you, we work with you to deliver results.

We’re invested in seeing your business succeed so we always take the time to get to know you and your business first. All our work is created in-house so you can be sure that the quality you expect, is the quality you receive.

We’ll work together to understand your goals and develop a plan to achieve them, whether you’re looking to start an ad campaign, redesign your website, or improve your SEO. You’re the owner of what we create, and with custom plans for PPC, CRO, and Inbound Marketing, the possibilities are endless!

Screen grab from SH1FT website: 
More data. More creativity. More money.

3. We don’t just get traffic, we get results

Getting people to your website is important, of course it is. But it’s what they do once they’re there that really matters. Our focus is on converting users into customers, bringing revenue to your business and getting you meaningful results.

SH1FT has managed over $1 million in advertising spend because our clients trust us to deliver, even when their previous marketing agency left them with poor domain authority and infested with Malware!

Every client has different needs, which is why we never approach strategy development the same way twice. In the case of Trylon, their poor domain authority was seriously affecting their business. However, our segmented, 4 phase strategy attacked the problem from every angle and cleaned up their digital reputation fast. The resulting 282% increase in traffic growth in just 12 months really speaks for itself…

4. Design and Branding goes into everything we do

Good branding equals good design, so that’s why it’s at the heart of everything we create. Facebook ads, web design, email marketing, you name it, we’ve injected creative design into it.

Take our work with Taste app for example, by creating custom graphic and motion design we were able to improve brand image and bring the cost per download down from $40 to $1.41. Not bad for the sake a little bit of creativity…

5. We take a 360 approach to marketing

Putting together a solid marketing strategy is a lot like doing a jigsaw puzzle, you need every piece to succeed! None of our global team members has a one-track mind because, at SH1FT, we know that a successful marketing strategy encompasses every stage of the user funnel. From user-friendly web design and targeted advertising to killer branding and good SEO practices, we utilize every tool in our arsenal to bring you a complete marketing strategy that gets results.

SH1FT marketing agency services

SH1FT has conquered more than 11 industries, could yours be next?

We’d love to discuss your marketing needs and how we can help your business succeed – call us today to speak to an expert, 100% commitment-free.

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