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Important Facebook Updates You Have To Know (April 2020)

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APRIL 2020 – Facebook Updates

Hey readers! Glad to have you back for another edition of the Facebook updates.

With all the craziness of the coronavirus, we weren’t too sure what to expect from Facebook. A slow down would have been understandable, but we’ve got some neat new updates for you.

New Messenger desktop app, a “Quiet Mode”, new accessibility tools for live streaming, a download data tool… They should all improve user and marketer experience so without further due, let’s get down to business.

The new Desktop Messenger App has (finally) arrived

This is one of our favourite Facebook updates of the last month. It’s been a while since we’ve waited for the Desktop Messenger App to be rolled out.

Like its mobile counterpart, it allows users to engage in group chats and group videos (particularly useful during the Covid-19 confinement), but on laptops and computers.

If you don’t like separate apps, don’t worry, you can still use Messenger on Facebook directly in your web browser.

This is what the app looks like:

Messenger Desktop

Messenger comes to the big screen. Messenger desktop for MacOS and Windows is here.

Posted by Messenger on Thursday, April 2, 2020

Facebook rolls out new “Quiet Mode”

If you have trouble focusing on the task at hand because of social media, this will be very useful.

With this Facebook update, you’ll be able to silence all notifications whether you’re on desktop or phone.

We personally feel this is an amazing feature. It’s easy to get stuck in the social media loop and mindlessly check your phone for new useless stuff. There has been a lot of mental health concerns and in times of crisis, like the current one, phone times are absolutely through the roof, and those concerns are even more warranted.

By doing this, Facebook also ensures that users have a better experience on the platform. If you’re spending 4h per day on Facebook, it’s likely that absolutely nothing phases you. If you’re more controlled in your usage, there’s a good chance you’ll actually enjoy what you see a lot more.

This could mean longer answer times from users in general, so be prepared.

Live Streaming Accessibility Tools

Live streams have contributed to making content more engaging and content creation has been at the top of its game for a while on social media.

But this update might make it even better.

As of now, live streams have only been video only, which makes it less accessible for certain people and prevents creators from getting the most out of their audiences.

But all of this changes as Facebook has announced they are releasing an all-new “audio-only” live mode. The feature will come with an option for automatic subtitles which will be a real time-saver for creators.

They also stated that there will be a possibility to access the live streams outside of Facebook, though we don’t know much about this yet.

This should be a great addition to Facebook’s arsenal, although automatic subtitles can be iffy, especially if there’s noise in the background of the video or the speaker isn’t articulating properly. But they’ll still provide hard-hearing people to follow the gist of the video.

With how popular podcasts have been in recent years, this is definitely something to try in your Facebook strategy!

Data Download Tool Updated

Facebook is continuing its white knight quest by giving even more transparency to its users, giving ability to know even more in-depth why they’re seeing certain ads in their feed.

With this update, Facebook allows users to download three new sections of data on their own activity they did not have access to before.

This is how you can find it:

The new sections include:

  • User interactions on Facebook and Instagram, including their own profile updates, Page content, post likes, comments, and more.
  • Inferences used to improve your experiences and how Facebook determines what it shows you.
  • Categories of Instagram accounts you interact with that show you what types of content Instagram thinks you’re interested in and how it determines what to show in the Explore section.

Just like the last few months, the updates Facebook is rolling out is benefitting users a lot more than brands. But this should benefit brands in the long run as Facebook is focusing on giving trust back to its users.

As an agency, we’re often scrolling through our feeds to find inspiration, so this could still be useful for us to find new related accounts and content to what we’re already observing.

To conclude this month’s Facebook updates

In these current times of crisis, it’s not surprising to see social media platforms shifting their focus towards their users and giving more support to brands.

As a business, keep in mind that users have more transparency than before and adapt your social strategy in consequence: stay connected to them, give more empathy and value.

What do you think about these new updates? How do they impact you as a user of your business?

See you next month!

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