Top Converting Facebook Ads for Fashion Brands in 2020


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Fashion has always been one of the fastest-growing eCommerce industry. Fashion brands have been using Facebook ads to increase their sales, customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Nowadays, the competition became more fierce. How can your fashion brand’s Facebook ads stand out from the crowd? In the sea of millions of Facebook ads running, it’s a must to stand out from the crowd to drive sales.

At SH1FT, we live & breathe Facebook ads. In fact, if you want more solid Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram ads example beyond this article, I suggest these gems:

In this article, I’ll cover the best ad formats for 2020 to drive insane results to your Facebook ads game. We have been able to take a lot of Facebook ads account from low ROAS to strong ROAS. Let’s go!

Our best tips to improve Facebook ads results

In this article, we’ll cover our six best tips to improve your fashion Facebook ads results. Those ads have been converting extremely well for our clients in the fashion industry over and over again. It’s about time you pick the right ads to start scaling!

Why SH1FT can help you scale your Facebook ads?

With more than $1M spent on Facebook ads, we truly understand what it takes to create Facebook ads that deliver results. We’ve had many challenging Facebook ads account that we’ve been able to take from negative profits to positive profits quite rapidly.

We want to share with others our best tips to improve their results in the hopes that they then take action. Seeing that we teach brings results is the best way of proving that we are legitimate. We are confident that by applying these fashion Facebook ads tips, your results are bound to increase rapidly.

From $100 to almost $5k per day

I’ll also add that there is no one strategy that will work for every fashion brand out there. I recommend you evaluate every suggestion to compare it to the Facebook ads tests already made and your brand. There are a lot of factors affecting what will work best for your brand and it’s why you should evaluate everything strategically.

Your brand can have strong brand awareness, a lot of social proof or maybe even the timing isn’t right to start your campaign. Your website also plays a huge role in delivering strong results for your fashion brands. It’s why we always recommend our clients to talk to our CRO agency to increase their conversion rates. Facebook ads can bring good traffic, but your website does the rest.

However, there are a few Facebook ad formats we found were working amazingly well for fashion brands. Those ad formats are easy to use and set up. If you have a fashion or clothing brand, I urge you to test them out & see how your Facebook ads account reacts.

Fashion ads tip #1 – DPA Facebook ads retargeting

We love Facebook DPA for Facebook ads retargeting because they simply drive some amazing results for our clients. It’s not uncommon to see some of our clients generate a return of 800% on their retargeting ad campaign.

There are different scenarios in which using a Facebook DPA can work out amazingly for fashion brands. We always recommend our clients to start with a simple reminder that people visited your site but didn’t buy. If after a few days, they still didn’t buy, you can target them by showing a discount code in your ad copy of 5% or 10%.

Here’s how your ad will look like. The reason why the images are all similar is that they appear dynamically based on what the user has seen on your website. If they saw a certain product, then they’ll the same one again.

Fashion Facebook ad
Facebook DPA

In the same fashion, you can also create what we call Facebook carousel ads for fashion which work wonder. There are multiple ways to use it, here are a few:

  • Shop the look: show the outfit in the first image and the individual items contained in the outfit. Make sure you add the respective website link of all the products.
  • Collection: multiple products in the same collection. It can be a bunch of sweaters, pants or a new collection.
  • Product: showing a product worn in many different scenarios, colours or with different fashion accessories.

If you need more info on how to set up your Facebook DPA retargeting ad, I highly recommend this guide by Facebook.

Fashion ads tip #2 – Motion design & Facebook ads video

For some fashion brands, images are working extremely well but video & motion design could work even better. The way we see it at SH1FT is that each medium has its own purpose.

Video & motion design content tends to be a great way to attract new customers who might need to be entertained initially. On the other hand, images are great to retarget people who already know your fashion brand.

Here are a few video & motion design Facebook ads ideas we found working well at SH1FT:

  • Showing styles based on the context such as what to wear “at a job interview”, “in summer” or “when going to work”. You can also show combinations of clothing item from your brand that look great together.
  • A motion design of one of your model wearing a clothing item with the colour changing but not the model. The concept here is to only change one element on the image and keep everything else similar.
  • A video of your model wearing a complete outfit during a social event, date, etc.

Another advantage of running motion design or video ads is to create a Facebook custom audience to retarget the viewers. Since you’ll most likely get a lot of viewers, your retargeting will be pretty big which should boost your results.

Fashion ads tip #3 – Influencers Facebook ads

As most fashion brands know, a lot of people decide what to wear based on what celebrities or influencers wear. With that in mind, it’s always an advantage to leverage influencers & celebrities in your Facebook ads campaigns. Here’s an example where Fashion Nova has used Cardi B.

We usually recommend to take your best selling products or new clothing line and get some influencers and celebrities to take pictures with them. You can then take the images and use them inside our Facebook ads creative to boost the results. We do this by targeting people who know the celebrity or influencer or have interests related to them.

Fashion ads tip #4 – Leverage UGC content

Following our tip of using celebrities and influencers, we also recommend using user-generated content. While those pictures of your customers don’t hold the influence power of influencers, they still influence greatly others. It can add some social proof to your product and make your customers more confident in their purchase.

Fashion Facebook ads
UGC content

Most often, customers want to see how the clothing fits in real life on a real person and this does the job. You can find UGC content by looking at the pictures your brand was tagged in social media. On a side note, we always recommend asking for the permission of the user in question to use the picture.

Fashion ads tip #5 – Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography is one of the most used types of Facebook image ads. With such images, you can really make your product shine in its best situation. It’s also a great way of giving ideas to your customer of how he could wear the product you are trying to sell.

Fashion Facebook ads
Lifestyle photography for Facebook ads

Here are a few tips from our Facebook ads team at SH1FT:

  • Make the scene tell a story
  • Have a clear style to let others recognize themselves
  • Don’t have too much action, focus on the product
  • Focus on one product at a time

Fashion ads tip #6 – Collection ad formats

Facebook collection ads are quite sexy when they appear on your feed. If you have a new collection or have a fashion collection that people love, then running such a Facebook ad campaign can really help your company.

It somewhat looks like a small landing page of products that are powered by Facebook Instant Experience ads. To give you an idea, the Facebook ad would have a video on top and a few products in a carousel format at the bottom. When people click on the ad, a small landing page will open below on Facebook with all the products.

facebook ads for clothing brand
Facebook Instant Experience

Need help for your Fashion Facebook ads?

At SH1FT, we’ve seen a lot of companies grow really well using Facebook & Instagram ads. Adding those to your digital advertising strategy can play a big role in the growth of your brand.

We recommend lastly that you set up your tracking correctly before running any Facebook ads. This means pixel and Google Analytics. By doing that, you’ll make sure you know how much money you are making from your ad spend.

If you need help with your Facebook ads, even just a little consulting boost, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to help!

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