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The 30 Best Instagram Ads of 2019

We chose the 30 best Instagram ads throughout the year an provided an in-depth analysis as to why they are working.

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Instagram ads are a different breed.

Since the platform is extremely lifestyle, entertainment and beauty-focused, you have to stand out by being congruent with what people expect to see in their IG feed/stories.

That means knowing your audience well and knowing the type of creative, copywriting and call-to-action they’ll respond to, but also being aware of Instagram trends in general.

It’s with all those things in mind that we created this “best Instagram ads of 2019” list. We firmly believe they’ll inspire you and teach you some effective techniques for crafting profitable Instagram ads.

?Don’t worry, we’ve also got you covered with the best Facebook ads examples and best Facebook video-ads examples.

Table of content – Best Instagram ads 2019

1. Adidas staying on top of trends

2. Arkk Coppenhagen mixes video and product carousel perfectly

3. Art Grid and the power of beautiful footage

4. Beautiful AI is not scared to throw an uppercut

5. Digital Marketer knows their customer’s pain

6. Elegant Themes uses one of the oldest tricks in the book

7. Entrepreneur makes the cut in the best Instagram ads of 2019 list

8. Eubi and their perfect product demonstration

9. FlyWheel and the use of statistics to emphasize a point

10. HeyOrca’s simple and striking ad

11. InstaRead App’s multiple images ad

12. Intercom does what humans can’t do

13. Invision App and the epic style ad

14. Koho and their very TV ad-like video

15. Mountain Equipment Coop shows you how to talk to your audience

16. Polaroid Lab and the irresistible gift

17. Pond5 is not afraid to show who they are

18. QZ and the use of poignant, short titles

19. reMarkable’s perfect product showcase

20. SEMrush and their trendy study

21. SE Ranking uses actionables and future projections

22. Sorted proves that great UI = more conversions

23. Tile’s minimalism gets them in the best Instagram ads 2019 list

24. Tom Chalky’s vintage design resources abundance

25. Tropic Feel knows how to showcase their product

26. Tushy and the art of light-hearted storytelling

27. UpWork’s simplicity makes the cut in the best Instagram ads of 2019 list

28. Westel Canada and its soothing product display – video combination

29. Wix uses precise targeting and adapted copywriting

30. Yanko Design makes you want to buy instantly

1. Adidas staying on top of trends

It’s safe to say that Adidas needs no introduction. But we can all take notes of how big brands go with the trends of the moment. I’m sure you’ve all seen this type of video effect throughout the year: 3-5 pictures taken with a slight side shift from picture to picture put together in an animation that gives you a beautiful finished product. It’s dynamic, it catches attention and all the cool kids do it.

Key takeaways

1. Up with the trends: Like I said previously, following what’s currently popular is a good way to take your brand to the next level. It allows you to be creative with said trend and if well done, should provide a boost in notoriety.

2. Short & sweet: You can argue that Adidas doesn’t need an incredible story video and would still perform well. It’s probably true, but this doesn’t mean you can’t replicate what they do here. Showcase your product in a creative and striking manner through a short animated video is an effective way to improve brand image as you don’t bore people to death with a one-minute long video explaining features. For all of you who are in fashion, unless it’s a very niche product, you’re not selling features, you’re selling an image.

3. Using video: This ad could definitely have been just a simple image, maybe with text added onto it. But video is the king of mediums these days, so transforming a simple image into a short video could do wonders for your Instagram ads results. Of course, always A/B test those things and trust your data.

2. Arkk Coppenhagen mixes video and product carousel perfectly

I had no idea what Arkk Coppenhagen was when I first saw that ad, but I gotta say they made a good impression. Their strategy is simple: show what the product does in action, then show what it looks like.

Arkk Coppenhagen - Best Instagram ads 2019

Key takeaways

1. Multi post ad: Everybody is so used to seeing simple one-post ad. Using the multiple selection technique can be a great way to stand out from the crowd. It’s dynamic and it makes your brand interact with the user. It also helps filter who really is interested in your ad as those more likely to buy will spend more time watching the different creatives on your ad.

2. Variety: This is one of the best Instagram ads on this list because it showcases literally everything you need to know about the product through both video and photo. Using the two medium gives the possibility of choosing what to focus on or to explain two totally different things. Here the video is to showcase the awesome features of the product and the photos are to give you a closer look at the product.

3. Showing the product in action: If your product/service is amazing in action, don’t stick to explanatory images or photos with bullet points. Show it. Use motion design, invest in video creation to really showcase your features effectively.

3. Art Grid and the power of beautiful footage

What better way to use strikingly beautiful nature footage to catch attention? It’s breathtaking and almost everybody relates to it. Artgrid, a company that creates superior quality, royalty free stock footage definitely is spoilt for choice in that department.

Key takeaways

1. Start with a poignant statement: If you’re a content creator or an agency, you will automatically be drawn to a catchphrase like “Get unlimited stock footage”. Make sure to really know the audience you’re targeting and adapt your copywriting to them.

2. Adapt your creative to your audience: If your ad is for content creator, you should not stop at the interest “content creation” or targeting content creators. Cross these interests with things like “nature”, “nightlife”, “sports” by creating separate ad sets for each category so that the content creators that see your ad are more likely to pay attention to it. This was probably showed to me because I dig those Netflix Our Planet documentaries.

3. Use amazing creative: Even if your brand doesn’t have the explicit visual appeal of Artgrid’s video, find a way to make it original. Use colors, break the patterns of your industry, create good graphic design… but please, never be boring.

4. Beautiful AI is not scared to throw an uppercut does a good job in creating a visual that, even if extremely simple, catches attention. The bright blue, the minimalist shapes and the short copy fit in what we expect from ads on social media these days.

Key takeaways

1. Use bright colors: This is something you have heard a lot. Of course, if bright colors don’t match your brand, there are other ways to make your ad stand out, so it’s not an obligation. But it’s extremely popular in software companies because of the modern, clean look it gives to visuals.

2. Use minimalist design: When we think about it, the shapes in this image don’t really add much substance to the actual content of the ad. They only serve a design purpose. But don’t fool yourself, it’s really important. How much more boring would that ad be if it was just a blue square?

3. It’s okay to get a little feisty: The reason I chose this ad to be in the best Instagram ads of 2019 is because of it’s copywriting. They don’t hold back when dissing their main competitor, PowerPoint. The ad copy in description is also very good. “Never create an ugly presentation again.” Yeah okay, sold.

5. Digital Marketer knows their customer’s pain

For anyone trying to improve their content marketing strategy, this Digital Marketer ad hits the sweet spot. Anyone knows that perfecting your written content is a long and fastidious task.

Digital Marketer - Best Instagram ads 2019

Key takeaways

1. Identify your target audience and aim for a major pain: As a company that had only recently started writing content, this was perfectly tailored for our needs.

2. Keep your design simple and straight to the point: We automatically know what we’re getting by glancing at the visual. The title is placed up top, is clear and concise and the 3 green checked boxes tell us instinctively that we’re getting those 10 points fast.

3. Make it easily downloadable: Although we don’t see it here, I can tell you it was extremely easy to download this guide. The landing page was a no scroll, 1 step form where they just asked for name and email address. This goes a long way into making sure your ad actually converts, so make sure you optimize your landing page for conversions.

6. Elegant Themes uses one of the oldest tricks in the book

Elegant Themes here makes use of one of the most basic principles of advertising: make your ad stand out with popping colours.


Key takeaways

1. Using bright colours to catch attention: The purple here is definitely unusual when scrolling through your feed. But watch out, it doesn’t suffice to just put a bright yellow background. Your design actually has to standout and make sense with your brand. In this ad the purple background is actually more of an overlay on an image, which gives more depth to the visual.

2. Emphasize on your offer: Elegant Themes is giving out a free layout pack for designers, and they make sure to let you know. They include the word “free” two times on the image itself and also add it again in the caption.

3. Make sure you have an Instagram account (or that it’s linked): If there’s one negative thing we can say about this ad, it’s that it’s not linked to an Instagram account. Not having IG nowadays is kind of a turn-off as people look at social media as social proof. You might be losing conversions if your company is not present on all important social networks.

7. Entrepreneur makes the cut in the best Instagram ads of 2019 list

This Entrepreneur offer is sure to make you stop your scrolling. While the design is good and fits actual trends, the value they give out is the essence of the ad.

Entrepreneur - Best Instagram ads 2019

Key takeaways

1. Make them an offer they can’t refuse: The Complete Digital Copywriting Masterclass Bundle. Need I say more? They even emphasize how wide the array of expertise is in the caption by stating “From Facebook ads to blog posts”.

2. Use your design to reinforce your point: You can clearly see a multitude of different mediums on which we use copywriting, proving that whoever you are, you will find a shoe that fits you.

3. Minimalist design never goes out of style: By using 2D, simple shaped drawings and vectors, you make sure your ad creatives stand the test of time and that you can reuse them in the future.

8. Eubi and their perfect product demonstration

This Eubi ad is one of the best product demonstration ads I’ve ever seen. They really show you the product inside out and how it looks on someone while perfectly showcasing its features.

Key takeaways

1. Showing how good your product is will get you sales: Twist it, turn it, show it in all its splendor. It’s the best testimonial you can find and the best way to gain the trust of potential buyers.

2. Make your video dynamic by using motion design: See how the “STRETCHIEST” text matches the movement of the shorts? It adds originality and depth to a video that would be much more basic without it.

3. Keep it short: Nobody wants to watch a 1-minute video about a pair of shorts. Know your product in and out and know how to “elevator pitch” it. A video for software consulting would obviously be longer for example, but this 10-second video for shorts hits it out of the ballpark.

9. FlyWheel and the use of statistics to emphasize a point

FlyWheel makes powerful use of statistics in this ad. It shows they know their audience and know how to give them a lot of value.

We’ve also added this ad to the best Instagram ads 2019 list because of its complementary colours that are sure to stand out in any feed and fit the Instagram platform perfectly.


Key takeaways

1. The importance of statistics: When you carefully pick a stat tailored for your audience, it’s bound to have an effect. Here, if you’re in the 80% that offers maintenance, why not check out FlyWheel’s services and see if they fit you better? If you’re in the 20% that doesn’t well you better hop on the 80% wagon.

2. Use the 2 (or 3 items) principle: Use only 2 or 3 visual items on your ad. Here we have the good looking graphic design in the center, the big title right over it and finally, the logo placed on top. Try A/B testing your ads without the logo as it’s not necessary if we see it well in your profile picture.

3. Use complementary colours: Looking at this ad is generally pleasant and we can automatically see that blues and purples fit together. This creates a positive sentiment towards the brand.

10. HeyOrca’s simple and striking ad

This ad by HeyOrca is how a lot of ads should be. Extremely simple use of space to pass your extremely simple message.

This ad has been running for a long time because of its perfect copywriting and simplicity.

HeyOrca - Best Instagram Ads 2019

Key takeaways

1. Use of space around your message: Using a lot of spacing around the important part of your visual (message or graphic design) is a powerful way to make it the star of your ad. It becomes the sole focus and what people retain more.

2. Engage your viewers with a question: Targeting isn’t totally perfect, so it’s valid that sometimes you see an ad that may not be destined to you. By asking this hard question, HeyOrca makes sure to REALLY catch the attention of people who are concerned as this is a big pain point for agencies.

3. Leverage gradients for your ads: Gradients are an amazing way to make any ad stand out. They’re becoming increasingly popular in 2020 so I suggest you hop on the trend and learn how to create amazing ones.

11. InstaRead App’s multiple images ad

Instaread is using the multi-image Instagram ad perfectly here as it allows them to address multiple audiences in one ad. They maximize their potential return on ad spend by using this technique instead of having to optimize 5 different ads.


Key takeaways

1. Use multi-images to adress different segments of your audience: Sometimes, when your product appeals to larger masses, it’s important to target different angles to make sure we make the most out of our ad. HBR does it perfectly here and this is why it’s part of the best Instagram ads list.

2. Use of mockups: Finding free (or paid) mockups online is one of the best ways to present your visual. It gives you credibility (seeing your content within iPhones and next to Airpods for example), social proof and is a fast way of making your ad stand out.

3. Use different button colours: This is a simple and easy little trick to add more dynamism and originality to your ad. Remember that it’s all in the details!

12. Intercom does what humans can’t do

Intercom uses one of the easiest tricks with social media advertising: turn a picture into a video.

We’re also big fans of the copywriting they chose for their caption as bots can do what humans can’t.

Key takeaways

1. Turn an image into a simple animation: This is very useful for different reasons. First, it allows you to test both image and video media and see which one is performing best. It allows your ad to stand out a bit more on the Instagram feed.

2. Use emojis in your caption: This will NOT fit every brand, but their use of the green checkmark makes you want to look at what you’re getting with Intercom.

3. Use personalized and bold statements in your copywriting: The “Growth Beyond Human Limits” here is particularly powerful as it testifies to the extent Intercom can better your business performance.

13. Invision App and the epic style ad

Just like Intercom, Invision App uses the simple motion design technique to transform a static visual into a video. They use a more “epic” style for their ad, which is always a win for social media advertising.

We’ve added this ad to the best Instagram ads because of its ability to draw attention in a monotone feed. Even if it’s targeted for designers who are probably bombarded of a lot of different, great visuals, this one will probably turn heads anyway.

InvisionApp - Best Instagram Ads 2019

Key takeaways

1. Turn an image into a simple animation: Although I explained it in the previous ad, another advantage of doing this technique is that getting a conversion like video views is much easier than with an image. This allows much easier retargeting afterward.

2. Use epic visuals to catch attention: A woman in a spacesuit on an alien planet watching through binoculars while her squad is in the background next to a spaceship. Yes, please. Using awesome visuals tailor-made for your audience is always an efficient technique. In this case, designers will react well to a nicely drawn, trendy vectorial visual.

3. Use clear and concise copywriting: Their three-line caption is easy to read and gives out the necessary information with a WHAT-HOW effective method.

14. Koho and their very TV ad-like video

This Koho ad is definitely one of my favourite in this best Instagram ads 2019 list. It’s looking more and more like social media advertising is trending towards a more TV-like approach. But the difference is you can do much more with social platforms as they offer more control and interaction.

Here, the video is cut in very different scenes using different colors. Each scene focuses on a certain aspect of the Koho card. This allows us to retain the information better while seeing all the benefits.

Key takeaways

1. Use subtitles in your video ads: Around 40% of videos on Instagram are watched without sound, so having subtitles prevents your viewer funnel from leaking.

2. Use congruent visuals to express emotions: Koho uses things like a zen garden to associate their brand with tranquility, gifts to make you think of what you could buy if you saved money with their service or even more explicit, a coconut drink to make you think of vacations.

3. Use an array of bright popping colours: Making the switch between all those colours gives a vibrant and positive aspect to the brand and makes you want to associate with it.

15. Mountain Equipment Coop shows you how to talk to your audience

Mountain Equipment Coop, an outdoor accessories and clothing company absolutely nails it down with this short and dynamic video.

We’ve added this one to the best Instagram ads list because its rhythm and pace combined with breathtaking scenes are sure to connect with their audience.

Key takeaways

1. Dynamic videos are more engaging: There is no shot longer than 1 second in this video. You always have something new to see and this technique gets you on the edge of your seat. It adds more jump and viewers are more likely to stay until the end.

2. Punctuate your video with poignant titles: MEC does a good job to catch just enough attention with their titles. It allows you to focus more on the video and the products.

3. Show your products in action: Even if they’re hikers, they still wanna look good. This ad perfectly showcases the products in their natural habitat: nature. What better way to sell your items to this crowd?

16. Polaroid Lab and the irresistible gift

A little trip down memory lane here.

Polaroid uses a very retro vibe for their ad, which shows they know both their audience and their brand image really well. They also categorize their product in the “gift” department, choosing a very precise angle.

We also love the social proof they’ve added with the “Best Gift 2019” etiquette. Even if we don’t know where it’s from, we can easily believe it seeing the awesomeness of the product and the brand that created it.


Key takeaways

1. Choose a vibe that represents your brand: Polaroid doesn’t need to go for an epic, modern, colorful look. They know what works for them and this simple, textured old school background totally matches their brand even if it would look horrible on another.

2. Use demonstrative pictures: Since they opted for pictures instead of a video for this ad, it’s very important to still see the product in action. Here we quickly understand their interface and how it looks.

3. Use social proof: Won an award? Include it. You were featured in a renowned publication? Include it. Social proof is still one of the best ways to sell.

17. Pond5 is not afraid to tell who they are

We’ve included this Pond5 ad in the best Instagram ads 2019 list because it doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not.

They choose to instantly talk about their low pricing, but instead of making you feel guilty for getting “cheap” stuff, associate an image of pleasure and sweetness to their deal. They don’t talk about a “cheap” budget, but about a “sweet” budget. And coupled with this image, it just reinforces their point.

They also make a great point in their copy by stating that you’ll save money with this service, giving you one last reason to choose their service.

Pond5 - Best Instagram Ads 2019

Key takeaways

1. Use copywriting to elevate your brand: Well crafted copywriting can give a totally different impression of a brand that could seem “second-tier” or lower-level otherwise.

2. Associate this awesome copywriting to your image: To make your point even more powerful, putting these two components together in certain to bring good results.

3. Don’t be scared to use your weak spot: Maybe “weak spot” is a bit of a stretch here when talking about the price, but the fact is we associate quality with high pricing, especially for videos. If you choose to use it to your advantage, it’ll work in your favor.

18. QZ and the use of poignant, short titles

For those who don’t know, QZ is a news outlet for people in the business sector. They pride themselves in talking and focusing on change.

We chose to add it to the best Instagram ads list because of 3 things: their striking 2-liner copywriting, the intriguing background and their complete caption.

Important to note, this was a video with the teal rectangle behind the title alternating between both titles.

QZ News

Key takeaways

1. Use short and striking copywriting: This is the equivalent of a punchline in a rap song. To know you chose a good one, it has to make you go “Damn. Nice” with a little smirk. ?

2. Use abstract and intriguing backgrounds: This is a simple and colorful way to make your ad stand out. Just make sure the colours are brand congruent.

3. Make the most out of your caption: If your visual is focused on catching attention and making a statement, make sure your explain your offer more in detail in the caption as QZ does here.

19. reMarkable‘s perfect product showcase

This is one of the most complete ads in this best Instagram ads 2019 list.

It gives you absolutely every possible information about the product – except the price. This is a really smart and strategic way of selling your product. They show it inside out, give every possible feature, integrations, connections, etc BEFORE showing the price (you actually have to click on the ad to see the price) so that, even if the price would be intimidating at first, it’s not as much when you know the whole story.

They even top it off with some social proof at the end (reviews by WIRED).

Key takeaways

1. Tell the whole story: Don’t forget a single detail about your product. Make sure people know it inside-out, like you do.

2. Don’t talk about the price before the final step: A lot of brands that sell high-priced items don’t show the price before you’re actually ready to buy. This allows them to showcase everything there is to showcase it and increase perceived value before the ultimate decision – buying.

This technique only works if…

3. You present your product extremely well: You actually have to make people intrigued and excited about your product. Remarkable does it extremely well with beautiful visuals, in-hand feel images and examples of what can be done with the tool.

20. SEMrush and their trendy study

This SEMrush ad is a pretty great example of capitalizing on opportunities and trends.

With the birth of dropshipping, eCommerce became absolutely crowded with thousands of companies trying to sell clothing online.

This video uses bold statements to provoke intrigue in you and make you want to learn about the state of eCommerce nowadays. If well targeted, this ad is certain to make you download their guide.

Key takeaways

1. Use motion design and transitions: This video of girls just turning around could be quite boring if there weren’t any Xs, numbers, dots adding some spicy to it. The glitch transition effects also give a more dynamic finish to an otherwise bland video. Remember that motion design is always a good way to make your video stand out.

2. Capitalize on trends: Stay on top of trends in your industry to know exactly what your audience could react to and maximize ad conversions. Instagram is an especially “trendy” platform so you’re sure to make noise if you follow that rule.

21. SE Ranking uses actionables and future projections

SE Ranking uses a good mix of sales techniques in this ad, which is why we’ve added it to the best Instagram ads 2019 list.

You have the before and after you use their service chart, you have the actionable steps that explain the simplicity of their service and you have something that can be very powerful if well done: the mascot.

Mascots are easily recognizable and do their job extremely well in reminding us of a brand, whether it’s positively or negatively.

Key takeaways

1. Before and after technique: Show your customers their current situation (you can associate it with a sad face, dim colours to reinforce your point), then show them where they could be with you (preferably associated with happy vibes and popping colours).

2. Give actionable steps: This gives a sentiment of security and comfort to people. They know exactly what to do with the platform and using 3 word sentences for these steps like SE Ranking does makes it look like something a kid could do with his eyes closed.

3. Ask questions: As we can see in their caption, they directly ask a question. This can be an effective way to filter ill-targeted ads and address the right audience directly.

22. Sorted proves that great UI = more conversions

Sorted is a relatively new free app that allows you to organize business expenses extremely quickly.

We’re big fans of this ad because they showcase their extremely simple and user-friendly interface to organize your invoices. If you’re self-employed or have business expenses, you know how fastidious it can be to organize your invoices.

Like the ad shows, you simply have to choose between two buttons to classify them. Easy as one two three right?

Sorted - Best Instagram Ads 2019

Key takeaways

1. Start with a question: Like some other ads in this best Instagram ads list, asking a question to your audience is the best way to make sure you address the right people.

2. Show how easy your product/service is to use: This is a great example of awesome UI/UX. You can clearly see how this tool would facilitate your life and you can easily come to download it.

3. Make sure you have the right call-to-action: I’ve seen a lot of app ads that actually bring to the Instagram profile or the website to learn more. If you have an app, bring people to the App Store to download and have them try it out.

23. Tile’s minimalism gets them in the best Instagram ads 2019 list

You gotta love a simple, minimalist, not annoying ad like this one. It’s short, it’s not pretentious and it catches your attention.

Although we don’t see it in this video, they explain in one short sentence what Tile does. If you’ve been living under a rock, it’s a small keychain that you can ring to find your keys (they’re probably in the sofa crack if you’re looking right now).

Key takeaways

1. Make your product the star of your ad: Putting your product at the center of a simple, flat background makes it impossible not to focus on it.

2. Add animation to make it less boring: The stacking animation of the Tile gives more personality to the ad instead of just adding a static picture on a white background. This is the kind of small details that greatly improve brand value and shows that you actually put a bit more effort to create better advertising.

3. Congruent call to action: When your audience knows everything you need to know about the product make sure to bring them to the buying page directly.

24. Tom Chalky’s vintage design resources abundance

Beautiful creatives like Tom Chalky’s do not go unnoticed in an Instagram feed.

As a designer, he knows he has to stay up-to-date with current design trends, and since vintage and old-school is particularly prized nowadays, he knows he’ll get a lot of conversions from visual artists around the world.

Instead of a question to filter the audience, he opts for the word “if” which basically has the same effect.

Tom Chalky Design

Key takeaways

1. Striking visual with simple title: In this ad, the product itself is beautiful enough to attract so it does 2 jobs in one. The title is very straightforward and lets you know immediately what you get.

2. Use overwhelming numbers: The 1400 different designs is probably more than enough for a lifetime, so you know you’re getting a good deal with that ad.

3. Use “if you’re” to filter your audience: Just like a few ads in this best Instagram ads list, Tom Chalky chooses to filter its audience by making sure to talk to the right people. He still uses the broad term “creator” to appeal to large masses.

25. Tropic Feel knows how to showcase their product

As you can see by the number of views on this ad by Tropic Feel, it’s been running for a long time and it’s because it works. This is the main reason we’ve put it in our best Instagram ads 2019 list.

You’ve got it all here. Amazing shots of their product, the shoe being put to test in different scenarios to really show its potential, a simple and effective title and a clear call-to-action at the end.

Key takeaways

1. They show the product in action: With these shots, we can clearly see different situations in which we could really use these shoes.

2. They leave the title throughout the video: This is an interesting technique. It forces us to remember what the shoe is about and makes it “THE” sneaker we can swim in. It could have been poorly done if the title was too intrusive and prevented from watching the video, but by making it white and not too big, we’re still able to focus on the images in the background.

3. Clear and bold call-to-action at the end: With Instagram video ads, it’s important to have 2 call-to-actions. One on the button of the ad and one at the end of the video to emphasize the action you want viewers to take.

26. Tushy and the art of light-hearted storytelling

This is simply an amazing ad by Tushy.

They make great use of relatable situations with a light-hearted tone. This makes you connect instantly with what they talk about.

The minimalistic “PowerPoint” vibe with different slides also makes the ad very digestible.

The drawings and little comments throughout the video are just pure gold and greatly improve brand image.

Key takeaways

1. Do a slides presentation: You could also choose to pick a multi-image ad to do that, but you’d be asking for more effort from your viewers. Transforming your slides into a video allows them to just sit back and watch your amazing short story. Speaking of stories…

2. They turn advertising to storytelling: There’s a negative connotation to advertising in general. By stating on the first slide that this is a story, they shed off part of that negative vibe and reinforce positive sentiment towards the brand. They don’t advertise, they simply tell a story.

3. Copywriting can take your brand to the next level: Slide after slide, the copywriting gets more hilarious. This is reminiscing of the infamous Squatty Potty ad.

27. UpWork’s simplicity makes the cut in the best Instagram ads of 2019 list

This ad creative by UpWork can be broken down in 3 parts, which makes it really easy to scan through.

First, you’ve got the title, broken in 2 parts itself. This allows passing 2 distinct messages in fewer words.

Then, you notice the creative. If it’s well-targeted, this woman drinking coffee in front of her laptop is probably you (a company owner/freelancer) while seeing the ad.

Finally, the caption has a message of its own, including some social proof.

UpWork - Best Instagram Ads 2019

Key takeaways

1. Guide the ad reader: By giving a direction to your readers, you make sure they scan the information in the order you want them to. In this case, it’s extremely user friendly as it starts in the top left (title) and ends in the bottom right (caption), the natural flow of reading.

2. Different messages for different sections: Every written part in this ad tells a new piece of information/offers a different type of copywriting. This allows showing multiple facets of your brand/offer.

3. Use a creative your audience can identify to: UpWork primarily talks to the exact crowd they represent in their visual. This instantly catches their attention and they’re more likely to stick and read the whole thing.

28. Westel Canada and its soothing product display – video combination

This Westel Canada ad is probably the most beautiful and harmonious ad on this best Instagram ads list.

They make great use of the product display feature underneath their soothing video. This is like a 2-in-1 ad as you can showcase product images while showing an awesome advertising video.

Key takeaways

1. Try every ad feature: This ad type is one we don’t see enough with eCommerce. It gives an incredibly unique and interactive feel and really showcases the power of social media advertising. This is sort of the Facebook equivalent of Instant Experiences ads.

2. They use a white background to show products: This is still the best way to show a product, whether it’s on your website or on your carousel ads. Note that it can be other colours, but keep them light and not dark as it allows to see more details on the product.

3. Match your tone and rhythm: A bass-boosted, dynamic and fast-paced video would simply throw off viewers. Westel deserves harmony and calm. Know your brand well before trying all sorts of marketing angles.

29. Wix uses precise targeting and adapted copywriting

We like what Wix has done with its marketing efforts this past year. What they lack in power and actual website qualities, they make up for by attracting certain crowds with really precise advertising campaigns.

As an agency owner, this title directly intrigues me so they’re doing a good job in that regard.

We also love the simple design they used for their background.

Wix website

Key takeaways

1. Try multiple angles in your ads: If you offer an extremely wide array of services that can appeal to a lot of very different crowds, try completely different ads with different brandings. In this case, a website builder can go crazy in terms of marketing angles.

2. Shapes and minimalist design: If you don’t have a “star” item on your ad (like in this case it’s just a title), a simple flat-coloured background won’t cut it. Adding shapes and layers like Wix did is an effective way to improve your Instagram ad design.

3. Big and bold title: They don’t mess around with pointless details. They just want you to focus on the big title in the middle of the ad.

30. Yanko Design makes you want to buy instantly

I’m almost certain you have seen this ad before. As you can tell by the number of likes, it performed REALLY well.

That’s because the video shows the product well on a nice decor to really accentuate the way it would look inside your own house.

They also make it look fun, lively and easy to use, making you want to use them.

Key takeaways

1. Give your viewers the need to try your stuff: Showing happy people having fun with your product is the perfect way to boost brand value and maximize conversions.

2. Punctuate videos with copywriting: Yanko Design seamlessly breaks the flow of the video with copywriting on a light pastel colour. This is to make sure people focus on the title and are not distracted by the video on the background.

To conclude this best Instagram ad 2020 list…

So there you have it, our curated list of the best Instagram ads 2020.

There’s a multitude of angles, creative and ways to make your advertising work on Instagram. All of these examples use different techniques you can mimic to generate results and perfect your ads strategy.

We only selected ads that had been running for a few months, so you know for sure they were getting conversions and that you can trust the marketing techniques they’re utilizing.

We hope you’ll take notes and revisit this article for inspiration in the future. If Instagram ads are not yet part of your strategy, make sure you implement them in 2020!

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