Ambassad, biggest dubstep event in Paris

How we sold out tickets 1 week prior to the show and 10x engagement on Facebook

The story

Ambassad is one of France’s biggest dubstep event. Located in Paris, it features some of the most important DJs in the world, like Doctor P, Sullivan King or Code Pandorum.

Our mandate

They wanted to improve their social media presence and increase ticket sales. They had great content but needed marketing angles, page management, and solid PPC to grow their audience.

They asked us to do all the paid advertising on Facebook & Instagram & manage their community on social media. The goal was to generate engagement to grow popularity and increase ticket sales.


Our process

The first thing we did was request access to all their Facebook pages. This was actually a challenge because they had at least 20 artists & event pages for their shows, and we were asked to manage all of them.

We probably had to send on average 10 emails to get a response and gain access to a Facebook. This process was extremely tedious.

After that, we started creating our strategy. The hard part about events is that we need to schedule everything based on the events that keep happening and stopping. As you can guess, making mistakes can be easy, but we couldn’t afford any.

We created an editorial calendar with all our content that we got approved by the event organizer. All our content was created to make people react and create engagement. 

We extended this focus on engagement through the paid advertising we launched on the pages and the events page as well. We knew that if people were interacting, more people would see the posts and we would create hype around the event. We also added a link to buy the tickets above every post.

We decided to spend more on the events boost because they allow people to say that they will be going to the event. We targeted mostly people who already knew about the show or the artists that would appear at the event. There’s no need to advertise on cold audiences if your following is large enough to not overspend your marketing budget.

The Results

Over a 1 month social media management campaign


Facebook page visitors


Likes on posts


Likes on page


Cost Per Click


Tickets than the previous year

Some of the artist pages we managed

Some of our work