How we kept a $9 and under CPA for a t-shirt company

Facebook and Instagram ads for Happy Sailor, a t-shirt company


Happy Sailor had spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads which didn’t bring him profitable results. They had a cost per purchase close to $25 for a product they were selling for $25. With our expertise in Facebook and eCommerce, they trusted us to take over the account to bring them to their desired results.

The process

We started testing audiences, analyzing their entire data to find the best audiences. After this, we asked them to make new ad creatives from our recommendation. Finally, we set up DPA retargeting and DCO on the acquisition side.


Here are a few ads we tested with Dynamic Creative Optimization which turned out to deliver awesome results.

The results


DPA retargeting CPA


3 separate campaigns generated sales for less than $1


on DCO acquisition ad