Zoofest, a springboard for comedians

Social media management, PPC advertising, SEO and creative work for Zoofest, second largest comedy festival in Montreal.

The story

Zoofest is a comedy festival affiliated with Just for laughs. It takes place every year in July, in Montreal. They put forward a program dedicated to the discovery of emerging talents in the fields of comedy, theater, cabaret, storytelling, magic, dance and performance. Popular comedians like Yannick De Martino, Mariana Mazza or Jay Du Temple performed at Zoofest.

Our mandate

The biggest objective of Zoofest was clear: make the festival known to 18 to 35 year olds. Indeed, most of our friends are in this age group and a vast majority didn’t know the festival.

It was a mandate of visibility and popularity, but a business rolls on sales. So we knew we could not compromise ticket sales for visibility only.

The results


Engagement rate


Total reach of advertising


Number of clicks


Number of impressions


Total number of interactions


Total number of page visits







$ 0.11-0.14

Cost per video click

$ 0.36

Cost per click image

$ 0.10

Cost per click best advertising

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