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What is Facebook advertising?

Why should you advertise on Facebook?


Facebook advertising is one of the most effective advertising platform in the world. They have over 2 billion active users (1/4 of the population) with users spending long hours. What’s more? They also have one of the most cost-effective platform. You can get your ads seen by over 1,000 for less than $10.


The most amazing thing is any business can leverage Facebook advertising to reach a specific target market at any budget. Most companies leveraging Facebook ads with the help of experts are able to generate their desired results might it be sales, visibility or increasing their customer’s lifetime value.

Precise Targeting

With extremely precise targeting abilities and evolving visual tools, Facebook ads is the best option for most brands online. Having Facebook ads running today is essential to any strategy where you need a competitive edge against your competitors. You can target the right people at the right time with the right message.

What are your Facebook ads goals?


Are you looking to increase your visibility and share your message to as many people as possible? We can help.


Do you want people to become more interested in your business such as visiting your website or send you messages about your products? We can help.


Are you looking to get more leads, sales, calls or even offline conversions at scale? We can help.

Our Facebook ads services

SH1FT was born a performance agency dedicated to scaling paid acquisition online. We always strive to drive a strong ROI to our clients and our reputation precedes itself. Our agency was built to have everything we need in-house to scale your paid advertising.


Marketing angles, call-to-actions, A/B testing, we create ad copy that stands up when it’s time to scale your Facebook ads.

Video & Image

Social content production sparkled with advertising creative. We innovate your ad creative to stand out, keep your brand identity and generate revenue.

Graphic Design

Graphic design that connects with your brand identity, your customers and your goals.


Always-on optimization to enable your Facebook ads to increase your spending while keeping a high return on investment.

They trust us to deliver Facebook ads results

Why SH1FT Facebook Ads Agency?

Expertise & Insight

We have paid social experts who have a lot of Facebook ads success under their belt. We will make sure every dollar you spend is well spent which is not the case when you hire someone in-house that doesn’t run Facebook ads as a career.


We were born as a performance agency that had scaling abilities no one around us had. This is how we built our agency and we are continuing to bring high return-on-investment for all our clients.


We’ve quickly adapted to have everything we might ever need to deliver Facebook ads that are profitable. This includes copywriting, graphic design, creative a/b tests, video editing, photography, social media management and much more.

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Our Facebook Ads Process

SH1FT is one the leading Facebook advertising agency in Montreal & Paris. Born as a paid acquisition agency, we know everything it takes to take a campaign from zero to profits.

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Facebook ads are about sharing your brand with your target audience and we can’t do that without understanding your business. At this stage, we want to understand what you are selling, why people like it and what your competitors are doing. We also strive to do a deep-dive research of anything we find relevant on your website and social media and the ones of your competitors. If you have past Facebook ads campaigns data, we’ll analyse those to see what worked best. This step is crucial as it influences the entire trajectory of our Facebook ads strategy.

Once we have an idea of what works and what makes your brand unique, we start mapping out visuals and copywriting we want to create. Our goal is to create a seamless objective from your Facebook ads to your website, it’s why we often offer to manage your conversion rate optimization to make sure the traffic we send converts in actual customers. With our in-house team, we can create any photography, graphic design or video editing we think will generate results. With Facebook ads, it’s key to stand out, be clear but also stay congruent with your brand identity.

After launching the initial Facebook ads, we start analyzing the data we receive on a 24 hour basis with Facebook. We constantly monitor your progress to make sure your ads are delivering the best performance they can. We turn off ad sets, create new ads and make some tweaks if we see a Facebook ad that has potential. We constantly try to learn from the data for our future tests to help your brand see a constant improvement. Our scaling and profit-first mentality enables us to make efficient tests while drawing solid conclusions.

We constantly watch your Facebook ads for any problem or optimization opportunity in order to deliver better results based on your goals. We keep an eye on your budget, audiences, visuals and copywriting to gain wisdom about what to do next. From being very attentive to details, we make sure every dollar you spend is not wasted in the long run.

Why should you hire a Facebook ads agency?

Where do you want your Facebook ads to appear?


This placement represents the Facebook news feed, right column, search ads, instant articles, video bumpers, Facebook stories and messenger.


Instagram placement is selected directly from the business manager. You can show your ads in the news feed, stories and the explore page.

Audience Network

Ads are not just on social media. Facebook has a lot of partner vetted websites on which you can show your Facebook ads.

Who can you target?

You can target cities, countries, states, continents or even people who have been to a place but live somewhere else.

Choose the age, sex, job title, education level, marital status and much more all inside the business manager.

Amongst options, you can target your Facebook ads based on behaviors such as purchase behavior or device usage.

Target people who like your page, your event or even their friends all inside the business manager.

You can target people’s interests such as biking, dancing, yoga and much more. You can also target your competitor’s Facebook page.

You can target past website visitors, past leads, people who viewed your videos on Facebook and much more.


Facebook ads management service

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