Get to the top of Google search

SH1FT is a premiere Google ads agency based in Montreal and Paris.
We create successful campaigns that deliver real results.
Generate more leads and sales through the biggest search platform on earth.

Smart bidding




TrueView Google

Machine learning

Touch the right audience, at the right time

More website visits

Increase sales, reservations, subscriptions through qualified leads that are searching for your services/products.

More phone calls

Increase the number of phone calls you receive thanks to ads that display your phone number and a button to call.

More store visits

Attract your clients with ads that help customers localize your physical store and show up on Google Maps.

Shopping ads & Shopping campaigns

Target users that are actually searching for your products.

Google Shopping shows only the essential to make sure conversions are optimized.

Data & audiences

Leverage your website visitors and your audiences with similar audiences and retargeting.

Keywords research

The power of Google ads is in it’s search-based functionality. 

Our Google Ads certified team makes sure you only pay for the keywords that are relevant to your business.

Google Ads geo targeting

If it fits your business, our Google ads agency makes sure to target only users that are in your preferred location.

This ensures that your location-specific business doesn’t show up on the other side of the globe.

We help you define a budget adapted to your business

Almost all budgets are compatible with Google Ads.

Together, we’ll define a ceiling that you’ll never go over, unless given the green light to do so.

Your budget

We go the extra mile to make sure we get results.

Facebook ads agency

We create & optimize Facebook ads that convert and constantly optimize to maximize your results.

Instagram ads agency

We create & optimize Instagram ads that convert and constantly optimize to maximize your results.

Youtube ads

We help you generate a constant stream of sales/leads through the biggest streaming platform.

LinkedIn ads

We create & optimize Linkedin ads that convert for the corporate world & B2B businesses.


We’re always transparent. We charge a flat-fee based on the amount of time we spent on your Google ads.

A pixel is a code we put on your website to track visitors.

Retargeting is about showing ads to people who’ve already seen your website.

Negative keywords are keywords we exclude from your targeting that aren’t relevant.

We demand a minimum budget of $1,000 per month for Google ads.

Right now. Just give us a call at +1 (438) 299-5096

Google Shopping is about showing your products in a product catalog. 

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Deep-dive research

Keywords, PPC research, performance, traffic and more...

Custom growth plan

Inbound marketing, design plans, A/B tests, CRO ideas...

Your custom pricing

Our fee in relation to your ad spend and your ROI.