Halo Headband

How we doubled the sales and 20x Halo Headband's engagement​ through organic and paid social

The story

Halo is a revolutionary, patented headband that focuses on blocking sweat from getting into your eyes. It is light, comfortable and fashionable.

Our mandate

Halo wanted to increase popularity to its target audiences. We had to help them define this audience while increasing sales and engagement on social media

Our process

Since the brand wasn’t well knowned in Canada, we focused on creating a community by engaging sports fans in debates and questions about sports on the Facebook Page.

We made sure to include a link to buy in each post. Engagement was crazy, as most posts generated thousands of likes and link clicks, leading to buying on the website.

We used Facebook ads, social media management, community building and contests to reach our goals.

Why it worked

People enjoy participating, debating, and discussing on social media, especially about sports. We figured it was a good way to increase Halo’s brand image and popularity. The results speak for themselves.

The results


Sales Increase


Facebook Engagement


Facebook Popularity

Some of our work

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