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Attract customers instead of chasing them.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a methodology that allows you to attract customers by crafting helpful content and experiences personalized for your audience. We strive to form connections and solve problems rather than interrupt audiences with outbound marketing.

Why do you need inbound marketing?

Inbound Marketing Services

SEO agency

We grow your organic traffic with amazing content, keyword optimization and by increasing your website speed.

Content marketing agency

We create easy on the eye content that drives people back to your website, educates and delivers a positive experience.


We create human-like chabots that interact with your customers to deliver awesome content, customer support & improve your brand image.

Email marketing agency

High open rates, click rates and low unsubscribe rate. We nurture your customers with great content.

Social media agency

Grow your influence by increasing your engagement & follower count using strong inbound marketing strategies.

Branding agency

We fully transform or improve brands from logo to website, landing pages & social media channels.

7 out of 10 customers say they won't buy from a company that isn't active on social media

Nurtured leads make purchases that are 47% larger than those who aren't nurtured

80% of business decision makers prefer reading content than seeing advertising

SH1FT Inbound Methodology

1. Attract

Not all website traffic is equal. Our strategy isn’t to magically attract traffic but rather to identify & reach out to potential customers that are most likely to become your customers. Our inbound marketing experts leverage SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, chatbots & content marketing to bring sales.

The goal here is really to show your prospective buyers that you have the product or service they need and you are the right candidate. The best strategy to do this is to create content with helpful information that gives power to the buyer. The content can be an article, a video or even a PDF but it needs to help the customer make a decision.

We usually use the following tools to accomplish this:

Buyer persona

Having an active social media profile is key to make sure your content is shared with your prospective buyers. By sharing constantly, it will increase their trust, nurture your leads and create discussions. We vary our content formats such as videos, graphic design and photography. We also promote your content with paid advertising to reach new targeted audiences. We can manage everything from creative to optimization.

Sales framework

2. Engage

After attracting your customers, it’s time to spark a discussion by helping them in their research process. You have leads who have the problem that you solve but they aren’t even sure you product and service is the right one. This phase is critical in any inbound marketing campaign.

Our goal is to create content that shows that your brand knows how to deliver the solution that solves the problem in question. Your content needs to push your customers to engage with your brand by being relevant, timely and helpful.

3. Convert

After you’ve attracted and engaged the right people, the next step is to gather your leads contact information. We can help gather those valuable pieces of information by providing relevant and helpful content. We can create forms, leverage call-to-actions and landing pages.

By knowing your exact buyer persona and having helpful content, we’ll have every page of your website generating leads. We do this by doing a lot of A/B tests, strong targeting and CRO.


Closing customers

After attracting the right customers, you need to leverage marketing automations, CRM and closed loop reporting to make sure that you close those prospects. Most of your prospects aren’t ready to buy, we keep them heere by using lead nurturing, lead scoring and lead automation.

We’re almost there now! You’ve attracted the right customer and converted the right leads; now, you need to convert those leads into customers. MediaTown will use marketing automation, a CRM system and closed loop reporting to make sure that you are closing the right customer at the right time.

4. Delight

Inbound marketing does not stop after the sale, it’s the beginning of the relationship. We strive to create a great experience that engages current and past customers to increase their net promoter scores. We use email marketing, social media management, targeted ads and much more.

The Inbound SH1FT process

To summarize, you attract strangers then convert them into leads. They become clients, and you continue to delight them. Happy customers then become promoters. This way, they refer you even more customers.



For multiple years now, we’ve built a strong track-record of performance driven inbound marketing. Our inbound marketing agency has been trusted by many small, mid and large-sized companies to connect and convert leads through innovative & efficient marketing strategies. We focus on attracting your customers through inbound marketing methodologies.

What sets SH1FT apart?

Strong mission

SH1FT is here to help their clients grow. Our legacy is the amount of businesses and the stories we can tell about how we've been able to generate the results. Every project we work on creates a dent in the history of the company we work with.

Proven track record

We have tons of successful projects in many different industries under our belt with inbound marketing strategies. From social media to SEO, we create content that attracts your audience and converts them into clients in an efficient process.

Experienced team

Our team collaborates to share all their inbound marketing experiences together. Our strength lies in the fact that whenever you work with us, you have the compounded experience of many experts that have a track-record of delivering strong inbound marketing results.

In-depth Inbound Marketing services we offer

Web design that focuses on real impact on conversions and sales.

Results driven analysis to drive traffic that transforms into leads and sales.

Crafting a personalized ongoing dialogue with your prospects and customers.

Actionable strategies to to shorten the sales cycle and constantly optimize results.

Enhance brand awareness, drive traffic and increase revenue.

Leverage machine intelligence to show relevant content to your audience.

Close bigger sales through individualized marketing efforts.

Providing your sales team with information, content and tools to engage target prospects.


Inbound Success Stories

What sets our inbound marketing agency apart?
We have a track record of delivering results and those case studies are living proof.


sales increase

We engaged audiences through sport debates and stunning visuals while promoting products to boost sales.


engagement rate

We showed intriguing and beautiful creatives while promoting the event to increase number of visitors.


engagement rate

We carefully planned a FB and IG funnel with engaging content to boost ticket sales while improving brand image.


With inbound marketing, we can work on a month-to-month basis, but we can also work on a long term contract. Whatever works best for you.

Inbound marketing is big ecosystem. We couldn’t deliver results as good if we weren’t good at all those services.

Inbound Marketing is a marketing approach that focuses on attracting, engaging and delighting your customers mainly with content.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. It helps your business to rank on Google and get what we call search or organic traffic.

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Montreal Inbound Marketing Agency

As an inbound marketing agency in Montreal, our in-house team of marketing experts uses innovative digital marketing strategies, and knows how to create content that educates and informs.

Paris Inbound Marketing Agency

As an inbound marketing agency in Paris, we target your ideal customer persona, while you continue gaining qualified leads who are interested in your service or product.

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