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SH1FT is a premiere Instagram ads agency based in Montreal and Paris. We create successful campaigns that deliver real results. Drive awareness, increase customers and share your brand’s message to an omnipresent audience.

Instagram is where it's at

People all over the planet use Instagram to share stories, be inspired or shop online.

With around 500 million daily users, Instagram’s reach is unmatched.


Build an organic audience, launch new products, and sell directly on the platform.

Discover products

60% of users say they discovered products directly in Instagram.

Business reach

33% of daily content comes directly from professional accounts.

Instagram = creativity

The platform is made for creators and encourages people high-quality visual identities.

Connect with your audience ♡


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Reach • Frequency • Brand image improvement • Local awareness


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Website clicks • Video views • Frequency • Custom events


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eCommerce sales • Carousel and collections • App installs • Custom events

Instagram Story ads

The feed is good, but stories are cherry on top.
Connect with 500M+ accounts using stories daily.

Carousel ads

Carousels bring depth to campaigns.
Swipe to view more photos or videos in a unique format.

Photo & video ads

Tell your stories through photos and videos on a platform made for interactions.
Available in square, landscape and portrait format.

Instagram Reels

Make a splash on Instagram Reels with full-screen videos that show up on discovery.

Collection ads


Customer journey


This Instagram ads audience represents the people who have never heard of your brand before. Your goal is to start building a relationship, but you need to take it slowly. At this stage, people have no attachment to your brand and can run away easily.


This Instagram ads audience represents the people who have heard of your brand, but they never bought from you. Your goal here is to push them towards closing the deal. They are interested, but for a lot of different reasons it’s not a good fit right now. Stay in their head!


This Instagram ads audience represents the people who have bought from you. They are your most important audience and you need to treat them as such. Give them freebies, discounts, thank you notes, and so on.

Facebook ads agency

We create & optimize Facebook ads that convert and constantly optimize to maximize your results.

Google ads agency

We help you generate a constant stream of sales/leads through the biggest online advertising platform.

Youtube ads

We help you generate a constant stream of sales/leads through the biggest streaming platform.

LinkedIn ads

We create & optimize Linkedin ads that convert for the corporate world & B2B businesses.


We’re always transparent. We charge a flat-fee based on the amount of time we spent on your Instagram ads.

For Instagram ads, we demand a minimum budget of $1,000/mo.

On Instagram, you can choose if your ad is shown in the news feed, on Instagram, and so on.

Instagram has tons of partner website where we can place our advertising, we take care of that.

Brand safety is a new feature from Facebook that allows us to make sure your ads show on relevant pages and websites.

Right away! Just call us at +1 438 299-5096 (toll free)

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“Something about being the bee’s knees.”

Our Partner Mayple has granted us the title of one of the top e-commerce agencies for 2022.

Coming in hot with a rating of 4.8/5, we’re proud of the work we’ve done for our clients, and what we’ve accomplished internally to provide results.

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