Landing pages that convert

SH1FT is a premiere Instagram ads agency based in Montreal and Paris.
We create successful campaigns that deliver real results.
Drive awareness, increase customers and share your brand’s message to an omnipresent audience.

Tailored design

We have design at the core of every landing page we build. The devil is in details, and details bring more conversions.

Conversion optimized

All our landing pages are made to improve the conversion rate of your website & grow your revenue.

Fast loading

Our landing pages are all optimized for speed because we know it impacts your conversion rate.

What we do

Tools we use

And many more...

The process


We gather every piece of content made by your brand. We discuss in every single way how you want your landing page design to look like. Then, we also find out the message you want to bring through your words, design and organization. Next, we make you a proposal of a mockup before proceeding.


We attack the creation of your landing page design. We give you a timeline of how things will evolve and constantly keep you in the loop of what is happening so you monitor the progress.


We make every single tests we can make to finalize your landing page design and resolve any last minute problem. We also point your domain to officially kick things off to your stunning new landing page

Looking for our web design services?

Beautiful, responsive websites for you and your brand.

We go the extra mile to make sure we get results.


We’re always transparent. We charge a flat-fee based on the amount of time we spent on your landing page design.

For landing page designs, the minimum budget is $1,000.

Right away! Just call us at +1 438 299-5096 (toll free)

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Deep-dive research

Keywords, PPC research, performance, traffic and more...

Custom growth plan

Inbound marketing, design plans, A/B tests, CRO ideas...

Your custom pricing

Our fee in relation to your ad spend and your ROI.