NXI Gestatio Design Lab

Promoting an art installation in Château de Chambord, second biggest castle in France

The story

POINT D.ORIGINE is an interactive sound installation which transposes into sound timbres and music, through a mathematical object called “spherical harmonic”, the architecture of the keep of the Château de Chambord.

It was created by NXI Gestatio Lab Design in Montreal, a UQÀM affiliate firm.

Our mandate

We had to promote and spread the info about POINT D.ORIGINE that took place in one of the main French monuments, the Château de Chambord, second largest French castle after Versailles and a highly known tourist destination (more than one million visitors a year).

Our goals were to maximize visibility on social media,  reach a wide European audience, increase the number of physical visitors, improve brand image and help people understand the different layers of a complex project.

The results

Over a 1 month advertising campaign


Advertising reach




Video views


Event answers


Engagement rate

Advertising posters


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