PumpUp, fitness app in Toronto

How we turned PumpUp into a profitable company for the first time in 6 years.

“Become the best version of you.”

The story

PumpUp helps you achieve your health goals. It offers the world’s most positive and welcoming community. Discover the right nutrition plans and trainings through this wonderful app, and stay inspired with the waves of positive energy you receive.

The challenge

PumpUp was struggling to be profitable because they weren’t targeting the right audiences and didn’t have the right creative for their their paid advertising. They had been using online advertising for a few years before working with us.

The problem? Their return on investment was always negative.

They even went with YouTube and Instagram influencers to try to gain visibility and credibility.

But they still failed to attract enough customers.

💲 Best video: 0.0181$ per app download
📹 Canon 80D, 60 mm, Gimbal
🖥️ Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator
📍 Mont-Royal, Montréal, QC

The process

Our thorough market research showed us that PumpUp’s creative (photos and videos) were lacking in quality compared to its competitors. We also noticed that the targeting and audiences that were currently being utilized could be optimized for better results.

We always start by getting to know our audience and market. 

We set up our retargeting customer’s journey formula which showed an ad to the people who saw our videos, or downloaded the app but did not purchase the monthly plan. 

We then scaled through multiple audiences with our best ad creatives to countries in Europe, North America, and Oceania.

Our mandate

The goal of our advertising campaign for PumpUp was to make PumpUp finally profitable. We lowered the cost per download by a significant amount and  generated a lot more downloads from the App Store through social media advertising. 

After careful planning and optimization, we noticed Instagram story ads were generating amazing results.

That’s when PumpUp trusted us with creating a series of videos, specially formated for Instagram stories. And we did not disappoint. Our 9 video series brought the best results to date.

With you, every step of the way

When we’re working with a client, we’re fully commited. Every week, we’d hop on a call with Garrett, PumpUp’s CEO and founder, to discuss strategy and results. We like to keep our clients informed of what is happening and what our next move is.

The results

Why it worked

Instagram story ads use a simple and practical “swipe up to download” feature, which made the app extremely accessible.

Combined with our short, dynamic and beautiful videos, it really engaged the viewers. It offered workout tips and gave a feel of what the PumpUp atmosphere was like.

Precise targeting also helped us discovering what the best audience was. It allowed us to double our efforts on this specific audience for optimized results.


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