Beautiful, responsive websites for brand, for people

Making your brand come alive in an outstanding digital world.

Beautiful, creative design attracts people.

An amazing experience makes them stay.

SH1FT delivers both.

Our process


We deep-dive in your brand's world to understand its essence, your goals, and your challenges. This allows us to create trust in our partnership. We also analyze your competitors and related websites.


Based on our research, we come up with ideas for the creative direction of your new website. Inspirations are sent to you, as are typography, color palettes, and layout choices. Moodboards are created to immerse you in your future digital atmosphere.


We create the structure of the website, its foundation, and the heart of your new digital world. User experience drives our process.

Visual design

We deliver shapes, illustrations to create a visual language that matches your brand and your consumers. We take a close look at the wireframe to see where visual additions could be made. This step is done simultaneously with the wireframe.


Creation phase of the new website. A temporary domain is sent to you to monitor progress in real-time. A first version is delivered to you at the end of this step. Based on your feedback, changes are made, as well as optimization for all screen sizes. SEO optimization is started during this step.


We deliver the final product along with tutorials explaining how to modify the basics. Additional support is also available to you. SEO optimization is completed in this step. Integration of Analytics, pixels, and more (newsletter, etc.) is done at this stage. If needed, translation is also implemented.

Why SH1FT?

Timeless design

Your website will last for years without worrying about being out of date. Our design is ahead of its time.

Centered around the consumer

Each of our websites thinks about how people might interact with it. If we make their lives easier on top of providing them with a wonderful user experience, it’s a win-win situation.

Deep-dive research

We do our own research on your industry and your market. Once we know everything there is to know, we can give you exactly what your business needs.

Trust & transparency

Our relationship with you is 100% transparent and based on trust. We believe that friendliness is the key to any successful long-term partnership.

Stand-out design

Our solutions are tailor-made. We love to experiment and break the codes. No boring old templates around here.

Growing value

We help you increase the value of your product, retain and engage customers. Our web design always keeps these points in mind.

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“Something about being the bee’s knees.”

Our Partner Mayple has granted us the title of one of the top e-commerce agencies for 2022.

Coming in hot with a rating of 4.8/5, we’re proud of the work we’ve done for our clients, and what we’ve accomplished internally to provide results.

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