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What is YouTube advertising?

Impacts buying decision

Video is becoming one of the most loved medium. In fact, 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the buying process. 80% of users remember a video Ad they viewed in the last month. The consumption of video is growing really fast. This is why it's key for brands to incorporate videos into their brands to gain a competitive advantage.

Video is relevant

It does depend on the product or service you are trying to sell through your brand. Although, you might not always be able to sell your product directly but there are many other ways to see videos. You can gain in visibility, connect with your audience or even show why your brand is special.

Cheaper Reach

With over one billion users consuming hundreds of millions of hours of video everyday, it is the second most used search engine next to Google. If you’re not present on YouTube, your competitors are and you are missing out! There to date 30 million users using Youtube per day.

1 billion YouTube accounts

300 million active users

2nd largest search engine

Essence research

Creative video production

Constant optimization & report

Creative, professional and attentive team that you can fully trust. Very high quality work. SH1FT knows how to adapt for small and large projects, I highly recommend them!
Sabrina Leroux, Festival Juste Pour Rire
Sabrina Leroux
General Manager at Just For Laughs

Some videos we've done

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Why SH1FT YouTube Ads Agency?

Creative video team

We have a really strong video team in place to create anything we need for your brand. We can do motion design, video editing, video production and high-end videos on demand for your Youtube ads needs.

Strong optimization

We have an expertise with PPC advertising that goes beyond just placing your ads in relevant places. We constantly analyze your data to optimize your ads with A/B tests. You can rest assured that your results will improve overtime if the demand for your product increases.

Jungle experience

We have experience playing in the jungle of Youtube ads and resolving problems as they arrive. Most agencies only talk as if they were the gods of Youtube ads but never had to resolve simple yet important issues such as setting tracking or having to advertise complicated products.

Youtube ads targeting options

YouTube ads formats

  • Image overlay
  • Display ads
  • Sponsored card
  • 6-second bumper ad
  • Non-skippable in-stream ad
  • Skippable in-stream ad

YouTube ads goals we can achieve

  • Visibility
  • Traffic
  • Sales
  • Calls
  • Leads

Your complete video creation team

Motion design

Motion design is very effective for YouTube ads videos. Here are a few examples motion design: animated text, animated logo, character animation, bespoke animation, and so on.

Video editing

We can edit videos to adapt them to YouTube ads with advanced editing softwares such as Premiere Pro. Simple and well done editing is effective to take your YouTube ads to the next level.

Full video service

We can take care of your entire video production. We do it all: Script writing, finding actors, video editing and motion design. Everything is optimized to drive results with YouTube ads.

High end video

Requiring a bigger budget, we have the creativity to make extremely special videos optimized for YouTube ads. We can do 3D Animation, drone filming, special effects, celebrities, 360 videos, etc.

What about YouTube channel management?

B2C YouTube Ads Agency

From eCommerce to apps, we have experience running successful Youtube ad campaigns to reach your goals. We drive traffic that converts from high-quality videos that make your brand look better.

B2B YouTube Ads Agency

We have experience running Youtube ads for B2B companies to generate leads for services or products. We craft amazing videos that sell your features and positions your company as the experts of your industry.

Facebook Ads Agency

We create & optimize Facebook ads that convert and constantly optimize to maximize your results.

Instagram Ads Agency

We create & optimize Instagram ads that convert and constantly optimize to maximize your results.

Google Ads Agency

enerate a constant stream of sales/leads through the biggest online advertising platform.

LinkedIn Ads

We create & optimize Linkedin ads that convert for the corporate world & B2B businesses.


You can choose how much you are willing to spend on Youtube ads. You also only pay when someone watches your ad rather than click on the option to skip the ad. In reality, most views cost between 10 and 30 cents (the price does vary a lot).

There are a lot of factors that affect the cost of your video such as the placement, the audience and the video itself. You can essentially set a daily budget which would enable you to stop spending when you’ve reached a certain amount everyday.

Yes you can! Youtube advertising offers a lot of options and control over where your ads appear. This is actually an essential part of maintaining brand safety, avoiding negative association with your business and optimizing your ads with the right targeting.


Negative keywords or channels are keywords we don’t want our ads to show for.

A pixel is a code on your website that tracks who visited each and every page. We use it for retargeting.

For Youtube ads, we demand a minimum of $1,000/mo.

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